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Gorka: Bureaucrats, Policymakers Opposing Trump Agenda

Source: Gorka: Bureaucrats, Policymakers Opposing Trump Agenda

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  1. fritz September 13th, 2017 at 11:36 am

    Here is another example of ‘the government behind the government”. Donald Trump is our elected president! He was elected for one purpose, to carry out his agenda! Donald Trump articulated the values of many hard working Americans who have been ignored for some time, we have even picked up a moniker “the forgotten man”.It is the forgotten man’s shoulders that this government, elected and otherwise stands on, it is the forgotten man’s labor that affords this government to have a lifestyle that the rest of us only wish we could enjoy, they are so used to living in their ivory towers that they believe they can ignore the will of the people, and this president,maintain the status quo, ( their fat cat lifestyle ) and never have to pay the price, but guess what? Their right. They’ve been at it a long time, we have let them do it a long time. Make no mistake whether you agree with this presidents agenda or not, there is a swamp in Washington that serves itself, no matter if we have a red or blue administration, liberal or conservative, donkey or elephant, you name it, it is about their own interests and status in a global hierarchy. This should be of concern to every citizen, the only way this swamp will be drained is if the forgotten man makes sure he is no longer forgotten. This president was elected, politicians who trumpeted ( I know, I know, I’m sorry ) this presidents agenda were elected, but the work is not over, those of us who are working hard trying to raise our families, take care of our homes, have to make that extra step, call that politicians office, call that talk show, write that letter, make some noise! The fringe does it all the time! We are usually too tired, but because we are the majority, if each one just does a little extra it can make all the difference, it can give our son’s and daughter’s and loved one’s a future worth having.


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