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Source: Things Americans Should Know About DACA |

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  1. fritz September 7th, 2017 at 1:28 am

    How much of this information do you hear in the mainstream debate? Also according to what I hear on most of the big networks you would think that all the immigration officers are going around to gather up the “babies” and send them all back to central America! Why is it so hard to simply get the truth about issues? It is almost impossible unless you do some digging. DACA is suspended for 6 months, those that are here now are still covered by the program, all that is happening now is that the issue is going to congress because under our U.S.constitution congress is the only body that can create immigration law. Increased immigration should have never been granted under executive order. Again here are some clues that point to the story behind the story, or the government behind the government, and the use of miss information (propaganda)we are being given every day. The political/media complex definitely has an agenda, it just doesn’t include your best interests.


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