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Tomorrow the Church will face its demons

25 luglio 2017 Article by Leo Zagami

The Vatican is awaiting with trepidation,  what could be the beginning of the end of the Catholic Church in Australia, and what might become the trial of the century. Cardinal George Pell is due to appear in court tomorrow, in the Victoria state capital of Melbourne, on what Victoria Police described as multiple counts of “historical sexual assault offenses” — meaning crimes that generally occurred years ago.

Pell is the most senior Vatican cleric to ever be charged in the Roman Catholic Church for sexual abuse, as no sitting Vatican official has ever faced a criminal indictment for sexual abuse. When police announced the charges last month, Pell vowed to fight the allegations, saying: “The whole idea of sexual abuse is abhorent to me” but we all know the lies of George Pell.

The two men who made abuse allegations against Cardinal George Pell say they are “over the moon” about the decision to lay charges. But their lawyer stated to the Herald Sun, they were not confident the case would be successful. It is up to us, the alternative media to build pressure around this very important case. So please dear readers, share this information on your social media accounts, before the largest disinfo operation in history, could send it into oblivion

Clergy sexual abuse survivor Andrew Collins stated that the fact that Cardinal George Pell had finally been charged, was something he never thought he would hear as “Cardinal Pell … is one of the most powerful men on the earth,”.


Well if Cardinal Pell falls, it’s only a matter of time before the Vatican pedophile network goes down with him, so let’s pray for this very important day for the future of humanity, the 26th of July 2017.


Leo Zagami is the author of Confessions of an Illuminati, Volume III: Espionage, Templars and Satanism in the Shadows of the Vatican you can follow this story on with Alex Jones on Tuesday the 11th of July 2017

Source: Tomorrow the Church will face its demons – Leo Zagami

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